How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy
How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy - In the Islamic religion, if you want to be happy that we have to help others. Help without expecting anything in return, only Allah SWT is our reply.

Try it you pay a visit to a Muslim (though different religions and beliefs), you will be glorified like a king for three days and three nights. Because Islam requires that guest glorify. This is the doctrine taught by the Prophet Muhammad SAW. A Prophet is an example, role model and source of inspiration for followers of Islam. Islam is beautiful without violence. That is our religion. Don't say Islam a terrorist religion.

On the off chance that riches can make individuals glad, obviously, Adolf Merckle, the wealthiest of Germany, it won't crash the body to prepare. 

In the event that popularity can make individuals cheerful, obviously, Michael Jackson, a celebrated artist in the USA, won't be taking an overdose of resting pills. 

In the event that power can make individuals glad, obviously G. Vargas, the president of Brazil, won't shoot his own particular heart. 

On the off chance that excellence can make individuals cheerful, obviously, Marilyn Monroe, wonderful craftsman of the USA won't drink liquor and sadness to medication overdose. 

In the event that wellbeing can make individuals cheerful, obviously Thierry Costa, a renowned specialist from France, won't confer suicide, because of an occasion on TV. 

Clearly, cheerful or not that individual's life, is not controlled by how rich, popularity, wonderful, intermediaries, regardless of how effective his or her basic. 

In any case, that can fulfill a man is herself  Might he be able to would be appreciative for all that he has with him all around.

How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy

"On the off chance that satisfaction can be purchased, definitely the rich would purchase bliss. furthermore, we will be hard to discover joy in light of the fact that it has been contracted by them. " 

"In the event that joy is there some place, positively on the opposite side of the earth would be discharge on the grounds that everybody is going to accumulate there where satisfaction is." 

Luckily bliss it is in the heart of each person. So we don't have to purchase or make a go at searching for bliss. 

What we need is a heart that is clean and Ikhlas and Clear Mind, then we can make a feeling of "Glad" that at whatever time, anyplace and with any condition. " 

Satisfaction is claimed People can Thankful.

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