Male Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Male Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Male Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Male Breast Cancer DiagnosisHerb Wagner Chemical analyst based in Florida 61 years old saw one of her nipples inverted. During the subsequent physical examination the doctor said he did not need to be worried about it. 

A few months later he went to another doctor to check for cysts that have developed in the neck area. 

After he took off his shirt in the patients room, doctor noticed her nipples again. 

After review Wagner gets the bad news that her nipples are slightly reversed it is a symptom of breast cancer. It was an incredible surprise 

Wagner said the 70yearold 

reported by Green Med Info. 

Indeed breast cancer in women 100 times more frequently than men. However each year in the US there are two thousand cases of male breast cancer  and about 400 thousand of them resulting in death. 

This data is reported by the American Cancer Society

Most breast cancers occur in men aged 6070 years spanned. 

Director of Surgical Oncology at the Hospital of the US Abington 

Male Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Male Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Christopher Pezzi describes the characteristics of men with breast cancer among others often experiencing nipple pain nipple becomes inverted position there is a lump and changes in the skin covering her breasts. 

Men with breast cancer with a median age of 63 years while women 59 years. 

Men have a survival rate of 74 percent compared to 83 percent of the time women with breast cancer. 

Breast cancer in men is rare but it is important for you and the man you love to be aware of this disease. Take proper precautions early in the following ways. 

First beware of suspicious symptoms such as a lump in the breast nipple inverted or bleeding nipples Secondly if it finds that it should not ignore the symptoms but the search help to the doctor. 

When if you have relatives with breast cancer then you should do a genetic test if you also carry the same genes. 

(Healthy Info quoted from the American Cancer Society)

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